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Home and Small Business Support

Onsite Service Rates

All Rates effective from Jan 2014
Any replacement parts will incur additional costs

Home Rate

Single PC Home User On-Site Service Support, Troubleshooting, Virus Removals & Installations.

**Onsite hourly rates capped after 3 hrs Max fee onsite $220

$70.00 P/Hr

Business Rate

SOHO (Small Office Home Office)
On-site Service Support,  Troubleshooting & Installations

**Onsite hourly rates capped after 5 hrs Max fee onsite $400

$80.00 P/Hr

Off-Site Rate

Off-Site Repairs, Troubleshooting, Phone Support & Software / Hardware Installations

$60.00 P/Hr

Web Design Rate

Off-Site Web Design, Custom Web Design, Web editing/updates & Web Application Development

$60.00 P/Hr

NO call out fees in the Cardinia, Casey & Dandenong area
Travel Surcharge fee applies at all other areas
**Capped fee after 3 hrs Onsite at the discretion of Direct IT Services